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L’Algérie suspended a cooperation traité avec l’Espagne après son revirement sur le Sahara

The Spanish-Algerian trait prevoyait the strengthening of the political dialogue between the deux pays at all levels, and the development of cooperation in the economic, financial, educational and defense domains.

The announcement of the suspension of this fact to the issue of a meeting of the Algerian Haut Council of Security chaired by President Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

« The Spanish government regrets the announcement of the presidency » Algerian ont indicated from the Spanish diplomatic sources, adding that Spain « considers l’Algérie as a country voisin et ami et réitère sa availability entière pour continue to maintenir et à développer les relations special cooperation between the deux pays’.

Madrid operated on March 18 a change of radical position on the sensitive dossier of Western Sahara in support of the Marocain autonomy project, raising the colère d’Alger, the main supporter of the Sahraoui independent movement of the Front Polisario.


« The same authorities (Spanish) who assume the responsibility for an unjustifiable return to their position after the announcements of March 18, 2022 by the current Spanish government to support them are fully supported by the illégale et illégitime de l’autonomie interne préconisée par the occupant puissance, s’emploient à promoting a colonial fait accompli in “usant d’arguments fails”, to adjust the algerian presidency.

«Cette attitude du gouvernement espagnol s’inscribed in violation of the international légalité that it imposes are the status of puissance administrator et aux efforts des Nations unies et du nouvel envoyé personnel du secrétaire général et contributes directly to the degradation of the situation in Western Sahara et dans la région », selon la même source

The question of Western Sahara, an ancient Spanish colony, was considered by the UN to be a “territoire nonautonome”, opposed after decades by Maroc -which controlled 80%- by the independents of the Front Polisario.

Au lendemain du revirement espagnol, Alger a rappelé son ambassador en Espagne et la compagnie nationale d’hydrocarbonures Sonatrach evoqué une hausse des prix du gaz algérien livré à l’Espagne.

President Tebboune qualified in April for the “morally and historically unacceptable” revival of Madrid. The chef of the Spanish diplomacy, José Manuel Albares, confirmed in a reaction that he “vouloir alimenter des polemiques steriles” avec l’Algérie.

“Arm of pressure”

The Spanish revival at the end of a serious diplomatic crisis ayant opposed Madrid and Rabat during a year, marked by the arrival May 2021 of more than 10,000 migrants in 48 hours in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, at the favor of a relaxation of controls by the Moroccan authorities.

A cet égard, the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez mercifully affirmed that they are countries “and will not tolerate” the use of “clandestine immigration with armed pressure”, giving an indirect avertissement to Rabat.

The crisis between the deux pays avait été provoked by the accueil in Spain in April 2021 du chef du Polisario Brahim Ghali, pour y être soigné de Covid-19.

In a confident report revealed by El Pais and consulted by the AFP, the Spanish security services ont I affirmed that the accueil of M. Ghali was used by Rabat “as a great opportunity to obtain the largest concessions” of the Spain.

Et dans un entretien published Mardi par le quotidien El Periódico de España, the former Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs Arancha González Laya accused the Maroc of avoir of proceeding to the «écoutes» visiting the Spanish officials during the diplomatic brouille avec Madrid.

Le gouvernement de gauche espagnol avait asuré en révélant ces pirages début mai qu’ils avaient été effectués au moyen du logiciel israelien Pegasus, les décrivant comme un “attaque externe” tout en disant in ignorant l’origine. Name of Spanish media ont evoqué l’implication of Rabat.

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